Have some peace of mind by checking out these FAQ's. 

How come your store doesn't have very much to sell? Isn't that bad business?

Great question! Peace by Peace was started with the mission to help people express and cultivate their sense of inner peace in a natural and empowering way so that peace may spread peacefully. We don't want to spend so much time focusing on what we are selling that we forget to live by our mission. If we wanted to we could have 100 different shirts whose only purpose would be to take your money. Instead, we would rather start small and humble to ensure that everything we have to offer embodies our mission to spread Peace by Peace. 

What does Fair Trade Certified mean?

Fair Trade Certified means that the product with that label was produced following a strict set of ethical guidelines that ensures all the people involved in the creation of that product were treated fairly and ethically. This means they were paid a fair wage and were not subject to dangerous or abusive work environments. Knowing that can really make your heart warm! Unfortunately not everyone in the world is treated so nicely, so that's why we do our best to offer Fair Trade Certified products!

To learn more about Fair Trade, click here.

What is your return policy?

Here at Peace by Peace we know how crazy life can be, so let's make this as simple as possible...

If there is something wrong just email* us at jake@yourpeacebypeace.com with "RETURN" in the subject and;

1) what you ordered, 2) the issue you are experiencing, and 3) what you would like, a refund or an exchange, in the body of the email and we will make it happen! 

*It helps the process go faster if you use the same email that you placed your order with.


More questions? Email Jake@yourpeacebypeace.com with anything you have on your mind! Even if it's just to say hello. :)